U2 - Atomic: Adam

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STUART MORGAN - Adam's bass tech

Stuart actually stood in for Adam at the November 26, 1993 show in Sydney Australia.
Adam was absent from a Zoo TV show in Sydney, Australia on November 26, 1993. The show could not be cancelled as the director and cameramen needed the show to prepare for the live pay per view broadcast the following night, which also became the Zoo TV Live from Sydney video. Adam's bass technician, Stuart Morgan filled in the first night, and did an admirable job, although his nervousness was evident during the first couple of songs. Bono explained that Adam was ill to the fans that night.

Stuart Morgan and Adam's Shoreline 1965 Gold Fender Jazz Bass

Stuart Morgan and Adam's 1964 Sherwood Green Fender Jazz Bass

Stuart Morgan makes last minute alterations to Adam's set list

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